2 months ago

Bistro Union Hosts Exclusive Abbeville Dry Gin Launch Party

Bistro Union is set to introduce its latest creation, Abbeville Dry Gin, in a grand celebration that’s poised to capture the essence of artisan spirit making.

This bespoke gin, a joint venture with Green Room Distillery, is the culmination of a shared passion for distilled excellence and a dedication to unique flavour profiles.

The event promises an evening rich with gastronomic delights and the art of gin-making. Guests are invited to join the festivities with staggered entry times from 4:30pm to 8:30pm, ensuring an intimate and immersive experience. Each ticket includes a complimentary Gin and Tonic—a perfect introduction to Abbeville’s refined taste—alongside a specially crafted cocktail from an exclusive menu prepared for this occasion.

But the revelry extends beyond mere tasting. Attendees will be treated to an array of canapés and fresh oysters, set against the backdrop of a cocktail masterclass led by seasoned mixologists. This hands-on session will not only offer insights into the fine art of cocktail creation but also delve into the intricate world of gin distillation, revealing the secrets behind Abbeville Dry Gin’s captivating flavours.

The launch is more than a party; it’s a gathering of like-minded enthusiasts, from the creators and collaborators at Bistro Union and Green Room Distillery to the attendees drawn together by their love for quality gin.

So, if you’re a connoisseur of fine spirits or simply looking to enrich your palette and knowledge, Bistro Union’s launch party for Abbeville Dry Gin is the place to be. This event is not just about launching a new gin—it’s about setting the bar higher in the world of distilled spirits.

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