7 months ago

Add some energy to your day with a class at Boxit

Ready to ‘punch your way to perfection’? No matter your level of ability, Boxit is a sweaty workout that will leave you feeling fantastic.

Boxit is really fun. And not ‘for a workout’ fun. Truly fun. It’s the kind of place that you’ll leave sweaty, sure, but grinning too. It’s convenient to get to (just a minute walk from Clapham Common tube) and with classes most days of the week, there’s no excuse not to give it a try.

We headed over on a Saturday morning to try out their bootcamp class and it has got to be one of our favourite ways to kickstart the weekend. The space is really cool. Sleek and all black with red laser lights on the ceiling and motivational slogans everywhere, it’s a proper vibe. The class happens under the red light to thumping music – think DnB / garage vibes. All of which gets you in the mindset to train hard straight away.

Though these workouts take a lot of influence from traditional boxing training, you don’t need to have put on gloves before to join in, Coach Matt is extremely welcoming and will offer alternatives to certain moves throughout the class to suit the different abilities in the room. Everyone was taking it at their own pace, but it really felt like we were training as a team and we loved the sense of community that the class nurtures. As first timers, we loved that Matt was as supportive as he was encouraging. He certainly won’t take any prisoners but we felt supported all the way through the class. We were even taken to the side before the class so he could show us the basic moves that meant we could follow along with the sequence during the workout. It was intense but we left feeling strong and, oh ok, a little bit smug too… Especially when you’re passing the stragglers just heading home from a big night out.

The community is as big a part of Boxit as the sweat. They’ve been running since 2010 and in that time they’ve created a really strong following. Their members return again and again for both the workouts and the sense of friendship that is there- all headed up by Matt. You’ll get fit here and most likely you’ll make some friends too. It’s a moment in your week to look after yourself and have a good time whilst you’re at it. Ahead of silly season, we can’t think of a better time to try it out.

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