9 months ago

Afuego is coming back to Clapham this November

Look who’s back! The pop up that made the burger of our dreams and the tacos of our fantasies. And they’ve got Christmas menu this time too.

You may remember that we visited Afuego, the Latin inspired pop up at the King & Co pub in late July (we wrote about how obsessed we were with it here, check it out). We ate some of the best food we’d had in ages; tacos, the ‘super vegan burger’ that lived up to it’s name and the signature Afuego burger which was packed with 8 hour slow cooked porky carnitas and drippy BBQ sauce, Latin burger sauce and Emmental cheese. We still think about it sometimes. So it was a sad day when they came to the end of their 6 week residency at King & Co, but we’ve got some great news: they are coming back.

They’ll be singing from the same song sheet as they did before, the menu is mainly staying the same (tacos, burgers and sides that slap). Excitingly, they’ll also be running two Christmas menus. The first, for smaller groups, means you can get 2 courses for £17.50 or 3 for £24.50… which makes it one of the best priced festive menus we’ve seen yet and if you’re after a menu with a little twist then this is a great option. Starters are melted brie, carnitas cròquettes or cauliflower bites. Mains are either burgers or tacos and desserts are a chocolate brownie or a sticky toffee pudding… Sounds pretty good, right? Or if there’s over 10 of you they’ve got their festive platter ready and waiting: festive tacos, sliders and sides with some delicious optional extras that would please any merry crowd. We’d recommend organising a group and getting your bookings in for when they reopen in Clapham in November because- and we’ve said it before- this is f*cking delicious food.

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