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Get Afuego Whilst It’s Hot: Back in Clapham with a Fiery Twist

Brace yourselves, foodies of Clapham, because Afuego is back and bringing the heat to Belle Vue’s kitchen.

That’s right, your favourite Latin-inspired, mouth-wateringly juicy burgers and tacos have found a permanent home, and we couldn’t wait to dive into their new offerings.

We had the pleasure of catching up with the man behind the magic, Chef Yassir. Taking us into his kitchen, Yassir gave us an insider’s view of how they craft their best-sellers and unveiled some exciting new dishes. Did you know they make their own tortillas? We didn’t either, and it only adds to the authenticity and flavour of their food.

Afuego continues to set the bar high, pushing culinary boundaries with their focus on high-quality meats and the finest ingredients. One of our all-time favourites, the SUPER VEGAN BURGER, didn’t disappoint. It’s a delightful butternut squash and spinach vegan patty topped with guacamole, pico de gallo, and jalapeño & tomatillo salsa, all nestled in a light brioche bun. Even as meat lovers, we have to admit, this burger is an absolute winner.

Next, we sunk our teeth into the new HONEY BBQ CHICKEN BURGER (£10.5). This beauty features 24-hour marinated crispy fried chicken, lettuce, pickles, Latin burger sauce, and a honey chipotle BBQ sauce on a light brioche bun. Each bite was a perfect ten.

No visit to Afuego would be complete without trying their tacos, all served in two soft, homemade corn tortillas. The CAULIFLOWER taco is a revelation: crispy fried cauliflower, guacamole, salsa verde, Peruvian pickled red onions, and coriander. It’s a flavour explosion you won’t want to miss. And the CHICKEN taco? Equally impressive, with crispy fried chicken, smoky chipotle aioli, Peruvian pickled red onions, and coriander.

We started our feast with the TORTILLA CHIPS & GUAC, a smooth avocado dip served with their homemade corn tortilla chips. For an extra kick, add the jalapeño and tomatillo salsa—it’s the perfect accompaniment.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of @afuegoburger or on the hunt for new culinary delights, Belle Vue is the place to be. Afuego’s permanent spot in Clapham is set to become your go-to destination for unbeatable Latin-inspired street food.

Don’t miss out—get down to Belle Vue and experience Afuego whilst it’s hot!

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