5 months ago

An Italian grocery shop is coming to Battersea soon

Love lasagne? Crazy for cannoli? Mad for mozzarella? If Italian food is your thing, the news of our new neighbour will be music to your ears.

Credit: @prezzemoloevitaleuk

Prezzemolo & Vitale is London’s answer to getting our hands on the best Italian groceries without the plane fare. They’re heavily influenced by Sicily but stock products from wider Italy too and have some of the best known, quality brands as well as baked good and more artisanal, smaller businesses too. They began life over 30 years ago when they opened their first store and since have expanded to Chelsea, Notting Hill, Borough Market, Wimbledon and now- soon- Battersea will be joining the fleet. It’s no wonder they are so popular with London locals. Prezzemolo & Vitale take pride in stocking a wide range of Italian goods that can be tricky to find elsewhere; wines, pantry staples, charcuterie, cheeses and fresh produce all straight from the sunnier Italian climes will bring a slice of la dolce vita straight to your tastebuds.

Other locations all have areas where you can hunker down and enjoy a lunch and a coffee and this one will be no exception. In the cafe you can expect to find Morettino’s organic coffee, pastries made fresh and authentically by Italian artisans in Wimbledon, freshly made traditional Italian breads, cannoli, cakes and cassata. If you want to dabble in non-Italian feasting they’ll also have some classic French patisserie and British staples… but we have a feeling you’ll be too tempted by those Italian treats to look elsewhere.

Credit: @prezzemoloevitaleuk

The brand new Prezzemolo & Vitale will be opening on the ground floor of the newly renovated Arding & Hobbs building soon…

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