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Aperitivo anyone? It’s all things Italian at Battersea’s newest bar

And there’s a free glass of wine waiting for you (when you buy some food) between now and February. Make the most of it!

Credit: @aperitivoclapham

Aperitivo invites you to explore the breadth and depth of Italy’s culinary and vinous excellence, where each plate and glass tells a tale of craftsmanship, heritage, and the unparalleled beauty of Italian culture.” Oo la la indeed! Aperitivo is Battersea’s latest wine bar and it’s opening just in time to tempt you away from dry January and into its boozy arms…

The interior is ‘industrial chic’, think raw concrete, a dark bar area and wire framed fixtures. There are wine bottles racked up on the walls which is not only pleasingly functional, but looks great too. The main seating area has a communal and relaxed feel to it, but if you’re after something a little bit more intimate there’s a private room off to one side which you can request.

And as for the food and bevs? ‘Aperitivo’ by definition is all about that pre-dinner ritual of getting a drink and a light bite to get the stomach ready for the main event. And this Aperitivo bar will do exactly that. Small, sharing plates with a strong Italian theme will be the order of the day. The wine list is promising an ever-changing, diverse roster of Italian producers, enhanced by a few bottles of French bubbly in there too (no complaints with that!). There’ll also be some Mediterranean cocktails floating around; Amalfi gin and Aperol galore. We can practically taste summer.

Credit: @aperitivoclapham

Aperitivo has opened at 289 Lavender Hill and will be running a soft launch where you can nab a free glass of wine (white, red or sparkling) when you order lasagne, a charcuterie board or zucchini rolls! A great excuse to head down to welcome our new neighbour. They don’t take bookings- it’s walk in only so pop by when you’ve next got a free evening.

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