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Battersea’s best burgers

National Burger Day is on the 24th August and to commemorate this important day, here’s a round up of all the best burgers in Battersea.

Where: Manna Arcade Food Hall, SW11 8DD

The order: The Hot Smash Burger

Credit: @meat_with_beer

Manna are making burgers in the traditional American way. Smashed beef patty. Potato bun. Cheese slices. Quite greasy, quite flat in shape, quite huge on flavour. It’s an R-rated burger. The Hot Smash Burger here is really good if you like things a bit spicy- you get pickled jalapeños, pickles, the classic Manna sauce and Nashville hot oil to really set those tastebuds tingling.

Where: MEATLiquor 74 Northcote Road, SW11 6QL

The order: The Dead Hippie

Credit: @boufit_fatfood

If you’re visiting MEATLiquor then you are in the market for some proper burger action. These are unapologetically big, beefy burgers that will make you messy. The best on the menu has to be The Dead Hippie- they fry the patties themselves in American mustard and add their unique ‘Dead Hippie’ sauce for extra tang.

Where: Burger Nine 143 St. John’s Hill, SW11 1TQ 

The order: Double Smash Burger

Credit: @londonworkerfoodies

This new spot on St. John’s Hill is making a big mark on the burger scene of Battersea. It would be worth visiting just to meet the charming owner, Munir, alone, but these burgers are up there as some of the best SW11 has to offer. The small menu is all about the best ingredients for a gourmet experience. Though they’ve expanded their menu slightly since opening you’ve got to get the smash burgers, that’s where they truly excel. It’s bang for your buck too- a smash burger at rosemary fries will set you back just £6.99, and for that quality? Worth every penny.

Where: VE Kitchen 39 Northcote Road, SW11 1NJ

The order: Spicy Korean Burger

Credit: @wearevekitchen

Burgers don’t have to mean meat, and if meat isn’t your thing then the VE Kitchen is your place. They’ve got loads of plant based burger options, and the pulled jackfruit is really, really good- but we love the spiciness from the Korean burger. It’s a Moving Mountain patty loaded with BBQ sauce, kimchi, pickles, tomato and creamy Asian slaw. Textures, flavours, satisfaction levels: all on point.

Where: Macellaio RC 124 Northcote Road, SW11 6QU

The order: The Macellaio Burger

Credit: @macellaiorc

This one is a classic done really well. With streaky bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce and with a side of chips, if you’re craving something unfussy but rammed with all the flavours you loved in a burger since burgers began, then Macellaio is your place. It’s also a restaurant that revolves around the very best meat- their menu isn’t for vegetarians, but it is for those who appreciate quality meat.

Where: Hannah 281 Lavender Hill, SW11 1LP

The order: Hannah’s breakfast burger

Credit: @hannah_battersea

Fact: you can eat a burger pre 11am if you call it brunch. Thankfully all day eatery Hannah is proving that true with the breakfast burger that they serve during their weekend brunches. This one comes with all the fun of a full English- sausage patty, a fried egg, cheese, hash brown and bacon. Yes, a hash brown in a burger. Dreams can come true.

Where: Bread Street Kitchen

The order: The Bread Street Kitchen Burger 319 The Power Station, SW11 8DD

Credit: @supperlondon

There’s only one burger option on the menu Gordon Ramsey’s Bread Street, but it’s the only option you’re going to need. Beef, Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and sriracha mayo it’s simple but you know it’s going to be top quality.

Where: Bao Battersea Power Station, SW11 8DD

The order: Fried Horlicks Ice Cream bao

Credit: @twodumplingsinabag

A little left-field here, but who are we to define what a burger is? In our opinion it’s something tasty between a bun and for that definition- bao buns fit the bill and we will take any opportunity there is to talk about their fried Horlicks ice cream bao. Comforting, creamy Horlicks in a toasty warm bun. Don’t think, just order.

Where: Clean Kitchen Club Battersea Power Station, SW11 8DD

The order: Truffle Mayo

Credit: @whatscookinghun

The ‘Cheat n Clean’ burger gets a lot of (deserved) attention, but can we please talk about the truffle mayo! Some of the best chick’n we’ve tried and we’d happily bathe in the truffle mayo. The brioche bun is unbelievably buttery (especially considering it’s all vegan). Well done CK.

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