2 years ago

Blank Street: Your new daily coffee

Brooklyn is known for its great coffee. So we can’t help but get excited about a NYC brand opening in Battersea.

Credit: @1willoughbysquare

Straight from the streets of New York and LA, Blank Street is landing on the Northcote Road. They certainly live into their tag line, ‘your daily ritual’, with their addictive coffee specials and pastries they’ll easily fit into your morning routine. Despite only being founded in 2020, by a pair of students on a quest for good, affordable coffee in the city, Blank Street have exploded in their 2 years of life. In NYC it is hard to turn down a block without noticing their aesthetic green hue signalling a cafe. We are lucky that their success is spilling over to this side of the Atlantic and honestly… we can’t wait to get our mitts on one of those strawberry and cream lattes. How very SW London of them.

Credit: @batterseabeat

Already with two location this side of the pond in Fitzrovia and Shorditch, we are sure that this Brooklyn-born cafe will take off here too… just you wait, it will soon to be your daily ritual too.

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