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There’s a body inclusive yoga class at Hotpod Yoga

On the 20th Feb Hotpod Yoga Brixton are hosting a workshop designed to make you feel safe and included in the yoga world.

Credit: @hotpodyoga

Hotpod Yoga in Brixton is a great location to get stretchy and get your sweat on in their hot yoga classes. However, yoga can be a bit of a problematic topic. It often comes with connotations of green juices, tight leggings and an athletic bod- and whilst we love a bit of yoga, the practice has a tendency to feel a bit ‘exclusive’.

Hotpod Yoga has come up with a workshop built for the ‘curvy, stocky, wider folx’ in an attempt to make yoga more accessible to everyone. It is directed for people who are living in a size L body and above who have felt excluded from classes because of the size of their body.

Credit: @hotpodyoga

The workshop will be a size inclusive, fat positive space where there will be a chat about the comfortable and uncomfortable aspects of practicing in a bigger body. The more physical part of the workshop will look at variations, props and tools to deepen and develop your flow. The 2 hours will end with a 30min flow… and a cuppa after. Lovely.

Here’s what they said:

We are hoping this workshop encourages more people, who might be nervous about trying yoga, to join us and understand what it is all about. We think this is a great workshop for beginners or people new to yoga!

Hotpod Yoga

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