2 years ago

Brasserie Vonne; Belgian cuisine in an Art Deco space

Brasserie Vonne has a lot of strings in its bow. Culture, community and great food and drink make it a really fun hub and hang out.

Brasserie Vonne is a newly opened restaurant with has music, arts and culture at its core. The food is Belgian, the decor is Deco and there is a clear aim to support businesses in Balham too. The walls are lined with art from local artists and there’s a large space for performers at the front of the restaurant. In short; there is a lot going on. But despite this, Brasserie Vonne manages to be a comprehensive location… and a lot of fun too.

We went along to the opening night to experience a sample menu, live music from a jazz quartet and, of course, some Belgian drinks! The atmosphere really sold this place to us. It wasn’t just because it was the opening night, it has a buzz that lives in it’s bones.

It wouldn’t be Belgian dining without mussels. They have four options you can choose from- there was a ‘Belgian style’ which were a beer and blue cheese take on the classic. We, however, went traditional with our moules. A white wine, fresh parsley and coconut cream… as well as incredibly juicy muscles and crisp fries to drunk into that sauce. We also tried out the Belgian style meatballs from the large plates menu. These were served with garlicy pancetta potatoes and were a clear crowd pleaser, who can say no to a meatball?

We tried out a couple of Belgian beers throughout our evening. When in Rome etc. Starting the night with ‘Delirium’; a beer described as authentically Belgian and “only 6%” it was amazing! Crisp, cold and nicely sweet too, it would easily convert the non-beer drinkers amongst us. Next up was another traditional beer called Kwak. We loved that it was served in a very unusual glass and stand which really added to the traditional feel of the evening.

This really is a music and dining experience with a difference. It was great listening to big band numbers, drinking a beer and tucking into hearty food all wrapped in a really electric atmosphere. It has the feel of stopping by your mates party after everyone’s had a drink in the best way. You’ll be welcomed at Brasserie Vonne, and you’ll certainly leave with a belly full of delicious food and drink too.

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