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Brixton Chamber Orchestra presents: Summer Estate Tour

Nothing like listening to live music in the sunshine. And now the live music is (well, could be) coming to you!

Credit: Brixton Chamber Orchestra

Brixton’s Chamber Orchestra are a staple for events and celebrations in the SW. And for good reason too! With their signature funky tunes they always bring a good time to any event. Well now they are coming to you! This summer the 22-piece orchestra are touring the estates of the SW London and bringing their tunes to 12 different estates for hour long concerts on 12 different dates. The range of music they play reaches across all genres, so whether you are in to grime or classical, there will be something for you to dance along to.

Here’s a full list of their concerts and locations:

22nd July, 4pm. Myatt’s Field Bandstand, SE5 9BW 

22nd July, 7pm. Stockwell Estate Hall of Fame, SW9 0TE 

23rd July, 4pm. St. Matthew’s Estate, SW2 1LY 

23rd July, 7pm. Holmewood Gardens Park, SW2 3NB 

24th July, 4pm. Cressingham Gardens Estate, SW2 2QG 

24th July, 7pm. Moorlands Estate, SW9 8QT 

29th July, 4pm. Angell Town, SW9 7JX 

29th July, 7pm. Myatt’s Field South Community Hall, SW9 6QG 

30th July, 4pm. Clapham Park Estate, SW4 8EP 

30th July, 7pm. Deronda Estate, SW2 3DG 

31st July, 4pm. Edmundsbury Estate, SW9 8AY 

31st July, 7pm. WILD CARD FINALE, TBC 

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