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BUDGET BITES: Wednesdays are for wings at Black Bear Burger

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Ok, ok we get it. Going to Black Bear Burger for anything other than their iconic burgers sounds like sacrilege, but stay with us. Every Wednesday they do £1 wings and they are well worth a journey to Brixton Village and tearing yourself away from your usual ‘Double Black Bear’ burger order. We promise. Especially off the back of their recent win at the fried chicken competition at Kricket; their blue cheese stuffed chicken wing with hot sauce took the gold against other fried chicken heavyweights like Other Side Fried, Daffodil Mulligan, Tonkotsu and even Claridge’s. So it’s not like they’re novices when it comes to wings; far from it, in fact.

Which is why we were happy to park our usual patty and bun order and head down for their sweet Wing Wednesday deal; £1 wings (minimum order of 3 wings) with loads of different flavour combos on offer. They always have their buffalo & blue cheese and beer BBQ sauce options, plus a couple of rotating specials. When we went they had maple sriracha with crispy onions and the ‘big chill’ which was a fermented hot sauce with ranch dressing and pickled celery.

We went for the two specials with a side of chips and coleslaw. And we have to say, we were mightily impressed. These wings were enough to convert anyone to the wing world- we really loved the flavours, which weren’t something we’d tried before. The maple sriracha was beautifully sticky and sweet without being sickly and the big chill had a nice kick but wasn’t blow-your-head-off crazy, making it really addictive. The sides were done to perfection; who doesn’t crave a salty plate of skin-on fries and the coleslaw was a cooling creaminess against the fiery wings. You’ll also get a complimentary mini soft serve ice cream cone at the end of your meal which is so delicious and a nice touch.

So even though you might not be planning on Black Bear Burger for anything other than burgers… we’d recommend throwing caution to the wind and trying out some of their, literally, winning wings.

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