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Chelsea is getting a new all day eatery: Meat the Fish

We could have pulled a ‘Meet’ the Fish pun here. Nice to ‘Meat’ you, maybe? Jokes aside, let’s get down to biz. Cause this is a seriously exciting addition to Chelsea.

Credit: @chouxalacreme

On 22nd May 39 Cadogan Gardens will be getting a new resident. Meat The Fish is moving into its brand new Chelsea home, and though it has a brand new restaurant there are experienced brains behind the venture. The same team that created the successful omakase sushi restaurant, Maya (in Marylebone) have decided to spread their wings to SW London.

Credit: @chouxalacreme

Meat The Fish is already a well established entity. Starting off as a premium grocery delivery service, they pivoted to creating all day restaurants which have been extremely popular. So popular, in fact, that the World’s 50 Best Discovery list recognised them and even gave their sandwhiches a special shoutout.

Credit: @chouxalacreme

What can you expect? Some of the very, very best produce for starters. Natoora, HG Walter and Wright Brothers are all on board to supply Meat The Fish with their ingredients. There will be food from breakfast until dinner and we’ve heard whispers of some delicious sounding dishes. In the morning there will be breakfast tacos and an incredible sounding miso egg salad sandwich. Later in the day the raw bar will be whipped out; raw meat and fish will be on offer and it’s all going to be proper stuff. Some classic dishes have made it over from their original restaurants; unagi donburi, black prawn bao and a merguez dog too. And to get you even more excited, here’s what the restaurant have said about their new location:

A simple, clean food approach is at the heart of our daily menu. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, our Mediter-Asian dishes feature seasonal, local produce with a good balance of meat, fish and plant-based specials. Our curved bar is central to the restaurant and offers enticing signature cocktails and the full dining experience as well.

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