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Chocolounge opens in Fulham

It’s the most chocolatey time of the year (AKA: Easter) and just in time, Chocolounge has opened to bring you the chocolate fix you need.

Credit: @chocoloungeuk

There’s never too much of a good thing, something that this new cafe in Fulham is proving. Chocolounge has opened up on the Fulham Road (in Café Caché’s old site) and is very quickly proving to us that we can’t get enough of all things sweet.

The cafe specialising in all things deserts, and you can expect a range of waffles, ice cream, crepes, and even the Japanese classic taiyaki on their menu. They certainly don’t hold back- the pistachio taiyaki is a piece of art in itself, laden with pistachio sauce, chocolate sauce, nuts and a dollop of ice cream for good measure too. If you’re less of a fan of the sweet stuff, don’t panic. Chocolounge also do some delicious savoury numbers too. They’ve got a list of savoury pancakes and or just keep it simple with classic coffees and teas.

Credit: @chocoloungeuk

The cafe itself is lovely. There’s a garden lounge area, loads of plants dotted about and even a beautiful floral wall- perfect to pose for a snap with an ice cream cone. Whether you’re after a sugar rush or not, Chocolounge is a beautiful new place to put your feet up and relax.

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