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Coldharbour Lane’s Nightlife Woes as Brixton’s Rum Kitchen Shuts

Brixton’s Rum Kitchen has permanently shut its doors, ending an eight-year stint on Coldharbour Lane. This closure is a stark indicator of broader struggles within the local hospitality sector.

Coldharbour Lane, known for its vibrant bars and eateries, is seeing hard times. Post-Brexit challenges, the impact of Covid, and economic pressures have hit patrons hard, leading to dwindling footfall.

The street has witnessed several recent closures. Brewdog closed last March, leaving its premises empty. The Prince of Wales pub has also seen its upper floors shut down for good. Even the venues that remain, like the Dogstar and the Prince Albert, often face quiet nights, especially during weekends.

Nearby, the Ton of Brix struggles to make a mark, rarely opening its doors, while Market House faces uncertain times. The bustling nightlife once synonymous with Coldharbour Lane now fades early, with nowhere to go post-midnight until the weekend. The legendary 24-hour sessions at the 414 Club are but a memory.

Just around the corner on Atlantic Road, Hammant Patel Villaby, owner of The Courtesan for 12 years, expressed his concerns to the BBC: “It feels like we are in a ship that’s really rocking and we can’t seem to stabilise it.”

For newcomers, the street lined with shutters paints a sombre picture. The situation in Brixton reflects a national crisis in nightlife. The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) reports that since March 2020, the UK has seen over 13,800 nightlife businesses close, with more than 3,000 in Greater London.

Sacha Lord, Manchester’s Night Time Economy Adviser, paints a bleak future, noting that three-quarters of UK nightclubs have closed since 2005. He warns that without reversal of this trend, there may be no nightclubs left by 2030.

The current state of Coldharbour Lane and similar areas across the UK calls for urgent action to preserve the vibrant nightlife that once defined them.

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