2 weeks ago

Colourscape is coming back

Eye music? What is eye music?! Eye music is what Colourscape is bringing to Clapham Common this September. Don’t miss it.

Credit: @colourscape_music_festival

The ‘eye festival’ is planning on making a comeback to Clapham Common this year. Between the 14th & 22nd September, you’ll be able to visit this one of a kind installation. Polychromatic tunnels will create a maze around the site and as you explore you’ll find different musical performances to pause by. With 70 different chambers to find and private workshops daily, there will be a lot to soak up.

This is music and lights like you’ve never experienced before. Tickets are on sale now so much sure you snap up tickets whilst they’re still around.

Opening hours: Times vary

Price: Adults £12, Kids £6, Family £32

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