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Compliments guaranteed after a visit to Lash and Brow Lab

If there’s ever a moment when we need a bit of TLC, Lash and Brow Lab on Lavender Hill is a top choice. Read on for their new client offer!

Going in to Lash and Brow Lab on Lavender Hill in Battersea is always a real treat. The atmosphere of the place is the first thing to hit you- it’s not clinical or cold like many beauty salons can be, but instead it’s a happy, buzzy place that exudes warmth. And it’s not just from the owners and beauticians either, the clients that come here respond to the welcoming atmosphere and it turns the place into a real hub of communal feeling. 

We headed down for a lash and brow refresh. As ever, we were utterly impressed by the whole process. From start to finish we were treated with professional care that really sets this place apart. Starting with a lash lift, we were settled into a comfortable chair and the 45 minutes of treatment time flew by. It was incredibly relaxing- and a very nice excuse to have an informed shut-eye half way through the day. With no option of being able to look at our phone, we were able to properly unwind and listen to the (excellent) playlist instead. In a busy London schedule, those 45 minutes were priceless. And the results were, of course, perfect as ever. 

We then shuffled over one seat for the brow lamination and tint. What we especially liked about this process is that our beautician knows exactly how we want it done. They really take the time to listen at Lash and Brow Lab and their skills mean that they can really work to a brief- there’s no ‘one brow fits all’ template here which means you can confidently visit knowing you won’t be surprised at the end of your appointment. There’s also constant checking in to make sure we felt comfortable, there’s relaxed chatter and it’s a really, really pleasant experience. Walking out of the salon with brand new brows and lashes is an unrivalled feeling, especially when they have been so expertly done. Word of warning though: compliments after a visit here come in thick and fast. 

If you want some of this 5* service then your luck is in- they’re offering a 20% discount on their treatments between now and the 31st August when they book for a September appointment! Check their recent IG post for all the Ts&Cs and certainly don’t sleep on this one.  

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