2 years ago

Could you take on the 12 in 12 stack challenge?

Are you STACKED? If you’re the kind of person who could munch through 12 pancakes in 12 mins you’re the kinda stacked we like.

Credit: @thebrekkyclub

The Breakfast Club are a classic pancake destination, and they are pulling out all the stops this year for pancake day. Their annual 12 in 12 stack challenge is back. The aim is very simple. 12 pancakes in 12 mins- only £20 and if you manage you’ll get the stack on the house. If you don’t manage it your money will go to their community outreach program ‘Good Day’, which works to reduce loneliness and isolation in the older population. This is what you’ve been training for over Christmas and those all you can eat buffets. Time to put those hours of hard work into good use. Roll up to the Breakfast Club, and roll on home. Happy pancake day indeed.

If you’re not interested in busting a gut munching through 12 pancakes you could also just go and get one of their legendary pancake dishes. This year they’ve got 4 specials on for this week. The savoury All American salt beef, the Pina Colada, the Wagon Wheel or the Sticky Toffee and great balls of ice cream. To be honest, choosing between that delicious line up might be trickier than the stack challenge…

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