6 months ago

Delia is the woman for microblading and semi-permanent make up

If you want a new look or you’re looking to save some time with your morning routine, semi permanent make up is a great option.

When Delia first came to London, she couldn’t speak a word of English. But since her move to the UK she’s worked her way into beauty and trained as a microblading and permanent make up artist and, let us tell you, she’s doing it well. She works from Acre Lane where she’ll do semi-permanent make up for lips, brows and eye liner and we love the ethos behind what she does. Delia is all about making “…women feel good about themselves, gain confidence and save time in the mornings while doing make up“, all of which we appreciate. Her treatments will last about 2 years, meaning you can skip a big part of your morning routine for a few years and spend that time doing more valuable things like getting a good breakfast in or going for a walk or, you know, sleeping for longer.

Delia works with all types of skin and tones and trains regularly to keep up to date with the latests technologies and techniques and you can tell- the quality of her treatments felt excellent. We loved the service- it was friendly all the way through and she really listen to what kind of outcome we were after. The whole thing was relaxing and we felt the high precision at each stage. Delia was constantly checking in and making sure we were happy with the look as it was developing which was comforting as brow first-timers! Our brows looked so natural and fitted to our face perfectly. They were carefully shaped and colour matched with great dedication and came out exactly as we’d hoped.

Whether you want microblading, like us, ombre brows, lip blush, lip neutralisation or lash liner, Delia is your person. It’s not just us that think that she really is one of the best out there- she’s an Ombre Brows UK Award Finalist and has over 200 5 star reviews. She’ll even offer you the treatment and consultation in Spanish if that will make you feel more comfortable!

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