7 months ago

Did someone say unlimited cheese…?

Nothing says ‘silly season is officially here’ more than something as indulgent, warming and cosy as unlimited cheese.

Credit: @bordelaise.uk

‘Tis the season for rich food and cosy evenings and Bordelaise have got the memo. They’ve stepped up to the plate with a Raclette Night at their Tooting Market site this December. On the 14th they’ll be digging into their French influences by offering an evening of pure, rich indulgence.

For just £20 per person, you’ll be in for 1 hour and 45 minutes of unlimited raclette. Freshly melted cheese plus all the cured meats, potatoes and gherkins your heart could desire (there are vegetarian friendly options available). Sounds like the perfect stomach-stretching evening pre Christmas Day if you ask us. Spaces for this are very limited, so move faster than the speed of molten raclette and get booking. If you miss out then don’t worry too much. We’ve heard rumours there might be another bottomless Raclette Night in the new year…

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