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Do brunch differently at Rooftop Sixty Four

We have a lot of places in Clapham doing pancakes & granola for brunch. This isn’t one of them. Here they’re serving steak, nachos & ribs…

Rooftops are never a bad idea, especially when the weather is as good as it has been in London recently and especially when the rooftop is as good looking as the one above Sixty Four. It’s only been open for a little while- it opened in July this year- but already it’s proving itself as a destination for events, special occasions and incredibly tasty cocktails. And it’s no wonder. The space itself is beautiful; think beach club vibes with loads of greenery, ambient music and sandy tones all set a storey above the bustle of Clapham high street. An oasis it certainly is.

Until now it’s been limited to catering towards the evening crowds; it serves some delicious cocktails (believe us, we’ve tried a lot of them) and the location lends itself for perfect pre ‘big night out’ drinks. Until now. Because they’ve just announced their brand new brunch menu and if you want to do brunch differently, and very well, Rooftop Sixty Four is where you should head.

We tried out 6 of the brunch dishes from their new menu and each one was as impressive as the last. The calamari came plated in a really innovative way. Instead of the classic pile of rings, there were three chunkier, battered rolls sitting on top of some guacamole and crispy kale. So pretty and they had a much better meat-to-batter ratio than the usual style. We also tried the chicken wings, which came in a tangy BBQ sauce with some more of that crispy kale for colour. The grilled jalapeños also have a twist to them. We were served four plump, lightly battered peppers. When bitten into they oozed a bacon-spiked cheese that had just enough silkiness to offset the spice of the peppers making them extremely moorish. All three were really delicious small plates to whet an appetite before the mains.

For the mains came a pile of very sticky, very messy ribs that were worth every napkin. Generously covered in that same BBQ sauce as the wings, this was the kind of plate you could put your head down and gobble up in no time. Then was a perfectly cooked steak which came topped with a zingy salsa verde. We loved that it was served sliced and on a board, making it easy to share with the rest of the table. And speaking of sharing; the nachos were a lovely addition to the order- a big pile of crunchy tortilla chips, zingy guacamole, creamy sour cream, spikes of fresh chilli and coriander.

Great to pick at as you soak up the sun with a cocktail on hand. Of course, the cocktails here are really great. A classic margarita was made with a good amount of salt around the rim of the glass and the mai tai was sweet and tropical. We really, really love the espresso martinis here and, as it’s brunch, it’s basically your morning latte, right?

Rooftop Sixty Four have done really well with the brunch menu. You’ll not find eggs or pancakes here, but that’s ok- Lord knows we have other places in Clapham for that. It’s not classic, but it’s excellent. Steak for brunch? Nachos? Why not! Wash it down with one of their stellar drinks and bask in the sunshine with a full tum. That’s how you do brunch.

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