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Drop on the Common is bursting with festive cheer

Get Christmas wrapped up with gifts from Drop on the Common. Wines and artisanal bites from here will make you as popular as Santa himself.

Credit: @drop_on_the_common

Drop on the Common is made for the festive period. It’s filled to the brim with enough wine and cheese to keep you going through to 2025 and there’s enough variety there to impress even the most tricky of guests. We went down to find out what’s in store for us this Christmas. There are two strands to the operation there; the bottle shop where you can find bottles and artisanal food to grab and go or you can settle in in their airy Old Town location and enjoy their charcuterie boards and wines by the glass.

We took a seat before starting our Christmas shopping. Immediately it’s clear that this would be the perfect location for a date night. It’s intimate but not too fussy and just the right amount of cosy vs upmarket. With a few glasses we tried a couple of bites from the menu. Of course we had to get the mixed cheese and charcuterie board. We decided to trust owner, Victor, to choose the cheeses and meats for it and he pulled through. Ours was loaded with coppa, Jamón Iberico, Spenwood and Kern cheeses. The man knows his stuff. For ‘balance’ we also added some bread and butter as well as the delicious Sardinian crisp bread to our order and our table was a proper delight.

Credit: @drop_on_the_common

Riding on the trust of knowledgeable Victor, we finished up our food and took to the shelves. If you’ve visited, then you’ll know Drop on the Common is packed to the rafters with bottles of the good stuff, and there’s a range of prices to suit any budget. We wanted to get ahead and find some gifts for the family and, with Victors help, found a magnum bottle and a Mont D’or (a made-to-melt cheese) which we already know will make us extremely popular on the 25th.

If you’re a little more unsure on what to choose, then leave it to the experts. Victor has several different packages which would make the perfect gifts;

  • Classic wine box: 6 bottles of wine, so you don’t have to think. You’ll get 1 Champagne and then a mixture of wines from France and Italy. 
  • Discover wine box: an adventurous selection from a diverse range of countries.
  • Wild wine box: natural wines, funky wines.

And we really mean it when we say that you can trust Victor to put together some good boxes. These will be available from the 1st week of December and guarantee you brownie points with any receiver. Even better news is that you can order all of these straight to your door within an hour (!) if you live in London (nationwide delivery takes 2-3 days). If you’ve left gifts to the very, very last minute then the app- Wine Drop Delivery- is your saviour.

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