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Franklin and Baines: Clapham’s Latest Culinary Gem Inside Aquum

Clapham, brace yourselves for the newest addition to your dining scene – Franklin and Baines, a steak and cocktail restaurant that’s carving a niche inside the vibrant quarters of Aquum.

Now, before we dive in, let’s address the elephant in the room: yes, you’re dining in a nightclub. But trust us, with diamonds dripping from the ceiling and disco lights setting the scene, this spot transforms from a casual dining haven by day to a pulsating nightlife venue by night.

A Club by Night, A Culinary Delight by Day

Popping in for a Saturday lunch, we were met with a buzz of activity, proving Franklin and Baines is hitting the right notes with locals. The concept? Dine in style and stick around as the venue morphs into a club on Fridays and Saturdays. Or, opt for a top-notch meal any other day when you’re in the mood for something special yet laid-back.

Given it’s from the culinary wizards behind Bordelaise in Tooting, expectations were high. Spoiler alert: they didn’t just meet them; they soared beyond.

Cocktail Dreams and Dining Delights

The cocktail lineup is nothing short of spectacular, setting the perfect prelude to an unforgettable meal. The Peanut Chocolate cocktail, with its gold-dusted chalice, offers a symphony of flavours, while the Franklin’s Rose is a gin lover’s haven, blooming with floral notes and a citrusy kick.

Appetisers to Applaud

We dived into the appetisers, starting with the Cured Salmon, a juicy delight paired with crisp veg and a zesty horseradish kick. The Burrata was as dreamy as expected, enhanced by citrusy blood orange slices and an earthy hazelnut pesto. The Asparagus special, recommended by the friendly staff, was a fresh hit of British produce, dukkah spices, and a zingy dressing.

The Steak Spectacular

The pièce de résistance? The 700g Tomahawk steak, offered at a tempting 25% off on Thursdays. Served with golden beef dripping chips and a divine peppercorn sauce, it’s a masterclass in steak perfection. The Truffled Mac and Cheese was another crowd-pleaser, with its crispy top and truffle-infused cheesy goodness.

Dessert Dreams

The Chocolate Fondant dessert was the grand finale, oozing warm, gooey chocolate with a caramel drizzle. And for a refreshing end, the Mint Chocolate Martini was a creamy, frothy delight.

The Verdict

Franklin and Baines isn’t just a restaurant; it’s an experience. From the unique setting to the exceptional menu and standout dishes, it’s a beacon of culinary excellence in Clapham. Whether you’re here for the steak, the cocktails, or the vibrant atmosphere, it promises an evening you won’t soon forget. So, Clapham, are you ready to taste the summer of fun at Franklin and Baines? We’ll see you there.

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