2 months ago

Franklin & Baines Is launching a new rooftop brunch experience this Bank Holiday

This Bank Holiday weekend, get ready to elevate your brunch plans!

On the 4th of May, Franklin & Baines invites you to a brunch concert like no other, set against the backdrop of Clapham High Street. Picture this: a vibrant rooftop space where you can enjoy the early summer rays and great music, perfect for those who love their weekends sunny and melodious.

The venue can comfortably seat 50 guests or welcome 70 for a standing gathering, crafted specifically for those beautiful, clear days that simply call us to be outdoors. And with a bit of luck, we hope to see more of those sunny days than the typical British drizzle!

At the heart of this new venture is a brunch menu that resonates deeply with the restaurant’s steakhouse identity. For those who revel in a lavish weekend meal, the bottomless brunch option is a must-try. Imagine endless Prosecco and Margaritas flowing your way—essential for a brunch that’s both spirited and sparkling.

Delve into a selection of robust dishes such as Steak, Eggs & Chips. This hearty meal links back to the restaurant’s core offerings, featuring a hanger steak paired with fried eggs and beef-dripping chips. For a lighter touch, the menu also includes Wild Mushrooms on Toast, Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Eggs, and a delightful Courgette Tempura Bun.

As one of Clapham’s few rooftops, this venue is set to become a premier spot for locals and visitors alike. It’s a place where you can soak up the sun, enjoy fantastic food, and make the most of the Bank Holiday weekend. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to brunch in style at Franklin & Baines—it promises to be a memorable addition to your social calendar.

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