9 months ago

Free beers! Get a pint for free from now until Sunday

Young’s Pub group is turning 192 this month and they’re celebrating by dishing out loads of free booze. Cheers!

The Young’s pub group is an impressive 192 years young this month and to celebrate their (almost) 2 centuries in operation they are giving out free drinks at their sites. In a London where prices are ever on the rise, this kind of news is music to our cost-of-living-tuned ears. Pints in the capital are averaging £5.90 which, quite frankly, is money we don’t need to be spending when the rent is getting increased and eggs are worth their weight in gold.

Credit: @bishopkingston

From now until the 24th September you can get a free pint (or wine, Coke or Amalfi spritz 0%) at any of the Young’s pubs by downloading and ordering via the app. The great news for SW London is that there are quite a few Young’s pubs here- 57 to be precise- so it’s likely that, whatever your weekend plans are, you’ll be near a free drink.

Happy Birthday Young’s!

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