5 months ago

Get a Valentine’s Day glow up with Dr Motox

Want to look your best this February? Whether you are looking to impress someone special or just want to feel fantastic, Dr Motox is the man.

You know what February calls for? A glow up. No matter if you’re getting ready for galentines, valentines, palentines or if you’re riding solo, the 14th February is a great excuse to show yourself a bit of love. We never feel better in our skin then after a trip to Dr Motox and this time we went for our routine anti wrinkle treatment (AKA Botox), hoping for a youthful looking glow. We like to keep it as natural-looking as possible and asked to keep some natural movement in our face. After a consultation, we targeted three areas of our face and were in and out within 20 mins! It’s such a seamless process and you’ll be chatting away throughout your appointment- it’s done before you know it. As ever with Dr Mo, we came away really happy with the results. It’s the kind of treatment that we’ll quickly get compliments after and as we are walking away we are already on our phone booking our next appointment.

Botox can be a bit of a daunting one for the first timer, and if you’ve been contemplating it for a while we couldn’t recommend anyone more highly than Dr Motox. One of his best qualities is that he is very honest. He has, and will, refuse to perform treatments on clients when he’s felt it inappropriate which is something we find very comforting. We trust him because of his honesty and his clear, informative explanations on every step of the treatment. Rather than a generic autopilot mode, he takes a real person-centred approach to his clients- just one of the reasons why we keep on coming back. He actively listens to any concerns you have, be it uneven brows (like us) or an area of your face your’e particularly concerned about, he’s able to tailor the treatment to whatever your aesthetic goal might be. 

His patience and levels of professionalism really are unrivalled. Dr Motox will go out of his way to make sure you are comfortable in his chair and if you, like us, are afraid of needles then he is your man. So subtle we didn’t even catch a glimpse of the needle!

There’s loads of other treatments in Dr Mo’s roster:anti-wrinkle, dermal fillers, skincare… There’s something for you! He’s based out of Sugarcane salon in Clapham Old Town which is a bit of a one stop shop for all things beauty: aesthetics, facials, nails, lashes, brows. You could easily spend all day in there… and hey, it’s Valentine’s Day so it’s the perfect time to do just that! 

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