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Get pampered in time for Valentine’s Day with this giveaway

If you’re going on a palentine or valentine date (or even if you’re staying home with Netflix on the 14th) this is the ultimate treat.

Located on Acre Lane (half way between Brixton and Clapham) lies Naked Hare. This family-run salon was founded by two sisters from South London and is incredibly charming. It’s an eco friendly and ‘positive beauty’ salon where they recognise that every client is different and beauty regimes are fluid. We love what they write on their website: “You do you when it comes to your body. If you wax, leave, scrub, pluck or peel we’re here to ensure your skin’s health is at the forefront when it comes to treatments that work for you“. It’s an ethos that means that they really treat the person for their individual wants rather than a one size fits all approach.

The salon itself is really bright and filled with lots of greenery. It’s a lovely environment to be in and- fun fact- sisters Sofia and Francesca have adopted rabbits which live in their little courtyard out the back. If you ask if you can pop out to see them and we bet that it’ll add an extra element of wellbeing to your whole experience! We know it did for us. Another cool part of Naked Hare is that they create many of their own beauty products which they use in their treatments. This place really is the whole package.

And speaking of packages… we tried out their brow shape and tint and deep cleanse facial- worth £100!- which they are offering as a duo for one lucky person to win this 14th February. (Head over to our Instagram here to enter). First up was the brow shape and tint. All treatments include a consultation before to understand exactly what it is you want to get out of the treatment. Cristina, the in-house brow expert told us the tint used was both vegan and hypoallergenic, and then went ahead and blended a few shades to get the right colour match for us. The whole experience felt so personalised and Cristina made sure we were comfortable and that she fully understood what we were looking for. The treatment even included a brow massage and yes, that sounds a bit odd, but wow was it relaxing! We didn’t know about brow massages before but you bet we will be investing in them in the future.

We were taken downstairs into a leafy oasis for the deep cleanse facial. We took a seat on the heated(!) massage chair and knew we were in for a real treat. Our skin was examined so the therapist could get to know it and she asked lots of questions about our skincare routine and skin type. And this wasn’t just any old facial. We were wrapped up with a cosy blanket and the ultimate relaxation began when the therapist gave a light foot / leg massage over the blanket. This immediately helped with relieving any tension, before she even moved up to our face. The facial included a double cleanse, exfoliation, extraction, high frequency, a face mask and serum. They even used their own spot treatment during the facial (called The Solution) alongside expert massage techniques that promote skin rejuvenation and healing. It was properly thorough and, with soothing music playing in the background, made for such a luxurious experience. We left with glowing, satin soft skin.

This is where to go if you want to feel your very best this Valentine’s. You’ll be looked after by the pros and, no matter what your plans are for the 14th, you’ll leave feeling fantastic.

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