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Got some cash to spare? There’s a £32.5 mil house up for sale in Chelsea

If the cost of living crisis hasn’t touched the sides of your bank account then here’s a lovely house to have a look at…

Credit: beauchamp.com

… And if you’re a mere mortal like the rest of us, then oggle at the pictures of this South West London mansion. Located on the famous Tregunter Road in the heart of Chelsea, this 6 bed home is up for sale and is something only the very wealthiest could dream of owning. It’s location is one thing; set back from the iconic Royal Hospital and a stone’s throw from Sloane Square, you can’t get much more of a luxurious spot. And then, of course, there’s the house itself.

Credit: beauchamp.com

So what does a £32.5 million price tag get you? Well, turns out quite a lot:

  • Entrance Hall
  • Formal Dining Room 
  • Reception Room 
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge 
  • Principal Bedroom with two ensuite bathrooms and two dressing rooms 
  • 5 Guest Bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms 
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Cinema Room 
  • Sauna 
  • Gym 
  • Study
  • Treatment Room 
  • Wine Storage 
  • Private Terrace 
  • 2 Patios 
  • Private Garden 
  • Utility Room
  • 2 Staff Bedrooms with ensuite shower rooms
  • 2 Storage Rooms
  • Plant Room 
  • 2 Guest Cloakrooms
Credit: beauchamp.com

… And if that all feels a bit too cramped then don’t fret! There’s a free standing 4 storey garden studio if you need a bit of escapism. Want to check it out? Get in touch with the folks at Beauchamp Estates to book a look around. And if you do end up calling it home? Please invite us over for dinner.

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