2 years ago

It’s BBQ season at Milk

Milk is known for making mornings delicious. But what about the evenings too? Yep, it’s happening. Milk picnic is here.

Credit: @milkcoffeeldn

The Balham brunch spot is upping their offering to suppers as well. This summer, ‘Milk picnic’ nights have got dinners sorted with a Lebanese/Australian inspired menu cooked for the majority on coals. The menu has been set up to give a real sense of summery foods and flavours. Alongside the weekly changing skewer specials, you can expect a menu full of herbs, spices and, as Milk themselves put, ‘way too much garlic’. Sumac charcoaled chicken, fattoush spiked with lemon myrtle and pineapple fritters are all delicious bites you can expect from the kitchen.

Credit: @milkcoffeeldn

We’ve all loved Milk for their brunch inventiveness over the years, so we are excited to see what other originalities they can come up with for their picnic events. Catch them by the barbie every Wednesday and Thursday evening on Hildreth Street.

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