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King’s Road is getting a proper Mexican restaurant this autumn

Ixchel is opening in the South West this autumn and we have a feeling Wahaca is going to be shaking in its boots…

Credit: @nanugroup

Anything ‘Tex Mex’ is getting a hard ban at this new Mexican restaurant and tequila bar opening on the King’s Road this September. Run by chef Ximena Gayosso Gonzalez, Ixchel is promising proper authenticity from its food. Chef Ximena has an impressive CV having worked in big London institutions such as Brat and Ella Canta, and the menu she has created will show off her skills. Expect sharing style plates of ceviches, tacos and tostadas. We are especially loving the sound of the fried fish and corn quesadillas, the tomato and cactus salad and black tiger prawns with squid skewers… This is clearly a place where flavours aren’t shied away from.

Though big on their tequila list, Ixchel isn’t just going to be an evening spot. It will be open from 9am until midnight every day of the week, so you’ll be able to find some fiery brunch and lunch as well as dinner. And we mean it when we say fiery- Ximena is keen on using open flames in her cooking so charcoal flavours are sure to feature heavily.

Founder Fraser Carruthers has said;

Ixchel has been a project really close to my heart as I have always loved Mexico as a country. We have been conceptually building Ixchel for over two years now… As a lover of Mexican cuisine I had become disenchanted and underwhelmed with what London had to offer and felt there was a massive gap in the market. You will not find any hint of Tex Mex at Ixchel.”

That’s certainly a concept we can get behind. Ixchel is set to open in September at 33 King’s Road, so head down then to raise a margarita to this new, exciting restaurant.

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