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Kricket is going vegetarian for National Vegetarian Week

For National Vegetarian Week, Kricket is celebrating by turning their whole menu veggie for 7 days. Try their specials whilst you can.

Credit: @kricketlondon

Kricket are pulling out all the stops this National Vegetarian Week. Running from 15th until 21st May, they’ll be serving an exclusively vegetarian menu only at their Brixton branch. Kricket is already loved for some of their vegetarian dishes (those samphire pakoras), and, as they say;

A vegetarian diet is commonplace in many regions of India, with spices elevating and enhancing the flavour of fresh fruit and vegetables to create colourful and tasty dishes full of goodness. Indian cuisine has always offered exciting options for those who don’t eat meat and we pride ourselves on offering vegetable dishes that seek to satisfy even the most committed carnivore.

Credit: @kricketlondon

So they really know what’s what when it comes to cooking without meat. Their special week-long menu looks every bit as delicious as their usual and vegetarians and carnivores alike are going to be well and truly spoilt. You’ll find a rich grilled green and white asparagus salan with roasted coconut & peanut and a classic tandoori saag paneer with mustard greens and palak chaat. Their grilled butternut squash with makhani sauce is a Kricket favourite for a reason (that creamy, dreamy sauce…) and it goes without saying that you should order at least two portions of the samphire pakoras.

We love that Kricket are making such a conscious effort to make vegetables more exciting for the masses, and we’d highly recommend you taking both your vegetarian and most meat-obsessed friends and family to check out this menu whilst you can!

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