9 months ago

Latin-inspired menu and killer cocktails at One Twenty Four

Really good for dinner, equally good for a night out that starts with ‘just one drink’ and ends up being a trip through the entire menu.

One Twenty Four hasn’t been in Tooting that long, but since it opening on Tooting High Street in May this year, this Latin-inspired cocktail bar and eatery has caused quite the stir with a punchy drinks menu and tapas style food. So we headed down to see what the fuss was about.

The space itself is really cool. The decor is dark and sexy, so it certainly leans more towards an evening spot, but it’s brightened up by pink neon lights (“Hola Tooting!”) which adds a touch of fun to the otherwise sleek interior. After being shown to our table we took a peak at the cocktail menu and immediately got excited. Though we were tempted by the- already legendary- blueberry muffin cocktail, we decided to keep it classic and went for a mojito and a Pina colada. Both were strong, delicious and made with skill. It was hard to not down them in one, but luckily the food distracted us from doing just that.

We kicked off with classic tortilla chips and guacamole. Crunchy, fresh and a lovely light nibble whilst awaiting our starters. For the first course it was the pan fried gambas and Mexican street corn. The prawns were as jumbo as you can get and we loved the spike of lime to lift the richness of the fish. The corn might just have been our favourite dish of the night. Unlike anything we’d had before, it was a magical mix of flavours- cheesy, sweet and some hits of heat from a dusting of chilli powder. Addictive. Up next the mains included a plate of chicken fajitas which was perfectly seared chicken strips, sautéed vegetables and all the toppings you could want; sour cream, pico de Gallo and guacamole were a merry little trio that made this feel a little bit luxurious. The Don beach burger was equally luxurious- not only because it was made with wagyu beef. The signature sauce and slightly sweet brioche bun were the perfect accompaniments to enhance the meaty flavours, and we loved dipping the crunchy chips into the burger sauce too- it was that good.

Though we went for dinner and drinks, we can imagine it really kicking off on a Friday night. There’s no doubt in our minds that a big group of friends would make light work of the cocktail menu. But whenever you choose to go, a good time (and great drinks) awaits.

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