8 months ago

Like it hot? This event is for you

The October heatwave may be over, but that doesn’t mean the sweat is going to stop. Why? The chilli championships are returning to Balham.

Credit: @balhamnewsie

Things are getting steamy in Balham because, for the 9th year, The Chilli Sauce Championships are back and it’s promising to be every bit as spicy as you could hope. This is a really cool event for both competitors and visitors. Let us explain…

First: anyone can enter. This isn’t just an event for the chilli sauce chef extraordinaires- amateur cooks with a flair for heat are welcomed to join meaning that there is a huge range of skills, backgrounds and expertise levels on show making the competition all the more exciting. There’ll be all kinds of flavours; Jamaica, Africa, India and Thailand are just some of the places represented year on year at the championships. Already there are some exciting sounding entries this year- Cherry Bomb, The Mad Ferment, Carolina Weeper, Brussel Blaze and The Peachy One are just a few of the jars ready to be tasted and judged.

And that’s where it gets fun for the spectators because the judging is done by the public! When you enter you’ll be handed a voting card where you can note down your favourites. Don’t worry if you can’t handle too much heat- the sauces will be divided into 4 categories: mild, medium, hot and nuclear so it’s clear what you’re getting yourself into before you take a nibble.

All this kicks off at 2pm on 15th October at The Balham Bowls Club. Winners will be announced at 6pm and though kids and dogs are welcome, it’s probably best to keep them away from the spice…

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