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Linnaean is more than a pretty face…

Instagrammable places might look good but are often all show, no substance. Not at Linnaean. They’ve got the perfect mix of both.

Credit: @linnaeanliving

You probably don’t need us to tell you about Linnaean. It’s all over social media and is frequently featured in guides for the most ‘grammable’ places in London. For very good reason: the space is an aesthetic triumph. There’s a green and pink colour theme throughout the venue, gorgeous wallpapers, hanging flowers from the high-ceilinged cafe… There’s clearly a lot of effort that has gone into making this place so beautiful.

But there’s more going on in the four walls of this Nine Elms spot than just a really pretty interior. They’ve got a really delicious health-forward food and drink menu at their all day cafe and they’ve got a packed offering of wellness and beauty treatments. We headed over to try out a pamper package.

Credit: @linnaeanliving

Having been welcomed in by the front of house team, we were quickly showed up the stairs to cosy spa room for our face treatment. We were offered water and a little cookie whilst we got settled in and then came an hour of pure bliss. Never having had one before, we weren’t sure what to expect from a ‘face massage’, but ever since we’ve been raving about it to all who will listen. Our beautician was fantastic and used the perfect amount of pressure that soothed and relived tension in places that we’d not even realised were tight (jaw, forehead, temples…). It was a magic hour- we left with a radient face, sure, but we felt incredibly relaxed and reset too.

After we, reluctantly, roused ourself from the facial bed, we were escorted downstairs where there was a bit of time to wake up again before the next appointment. We had a lovely coffee from the cafe and then bought it through to the hair salon area for an hour with the wonderful Scott. This was a great haircut for so many reasons. First and foremost, Scott was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly and we trusted him straight away- enough to hand the reigns over to him and let him do whatever he thought would be best for our locks. After a wash (and a fantastic head massage) Scott set to work with a trim that has given life back to our tired hair. A blow dry and style to our preference was the perfect way to finish and we were soon left with brand new hair and a glowing face.

Credit: @linnaeanliving

Linnaean is giving an education on how to do both: look good and provide some of the highest quality services we’ve experienced. So whether you are there to get a great picture for your social media, tuck into their menu or indulge yourself to one of their many treatments, this place will look after you from top to toe.

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