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Looking for lunch? Pop over to Pop Brixton

Want to spend under a tenner for lunch? Pop is the place. All food vendors have different options but they’re all priced the same: £6.50!

Pop Brixton is the exactly the antidote to dreary winter days. It’s brightly lit, colourful and pumps out happy vibes. It’s an indoor-outdoor good-for-everything kind of space that has lots of seating, heaters and always some background music playing. At the moment there are Bob Marley murals everywhere, adding an extra special touch given they just hosted their immersive One Love Yard event in honour of the new Bob Marley film. Beyond all that, it’s also packed to the rafters with food vendors dishing out flavours from all over the world…

And this is where lunch time gets interesting. At the moment there is a weekday lunch deal that runs from midday until 3pm where, for just £6.50 you can get a really impressive lunch. All the vendors have different things they’re offering for this price, so we couldn’t help but get down and check out some of the options. Here’s what we tried…

Jollof House Kitchen

We went for the fish and rice box. Considering the price we were impressed with the amount of food we got; a well-spiced grilled fillet on top of some classic West African jollof rice, some vegetables and a selection of their house dips. It was seriously good and is the kind of food that will warm you up and keep you full until dinner time. If you’re ok with spice then ask Ibraheem to try some of his homemade scotch bonnet sauce. It will blow your socks off, but it’ll likely fend scare away any lurking winter lurgy too.

If you’re not a fan of fish then you can get the marinated boneless chicken thigh or ackara (a beany fritter). It’s all halal, gluten and dairy free so it’s a delicious option if you’ve got some dietary restrictions too. And whilst you’re there, take some time to speak to Ibraheem- you’ll not want to leave.

A Trini Thing

This is a family run eatery serving Trinidad and Tobago cuisine. They use home style recipes which they’ve been cooking in their household for generations; it’s the real deal when it comes to homely, comforting and authentic food. We chose the dahl and rice box. A creamy, well seasoned, dahl poured over white rice with salad which makes for a hearty vegan option. But, if you want to, you can choose to add chicken or goat for a bit of meaty protein. The chicken was really fantastic- succulent and as juicy as you could hope for. You’ll want to go back for a second serving.

Halo Burger

Credit: @popbrixton 

Plant based foodies, this one’s for you! for £6.50 you get ‘chicken’ nuggets and chips and it’s as nostalgic and delicious as classic fast food can get… all whilst being completely vegan. Golden, crispy nuggets and equally golden salty chips. It’s the feel good lunch you’re craving.

Brixton is known, and loved, for its food scene and this is a perfect example of why. Options for well under a tenner that will leave your usually tuna sandwich in the dust. Oh, and whilst we’ve got you… Happy hour runs from 5pm -7pm, Sunday to Thursday where you can get 2-4-1 on house beers, cider, draft cocktails and wine. So there’s that, too.

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