2 months ago

Elevate your artistry at Lift 109 Lates: Skyline Sketching

Lift 109 at Battersea Power Station, already renowned for its spectacular views and unique visitor experience, is expanding its repertoire with a new and creative offering.

The latest addition to its ‘Lift 109 Lates’ series, titled ‘Skyline Sketching’, invites both budding and experienced artists to elevate their skills to new heights—literally.

This special after-hours event begins with a breathtaking ascent in the bespoke glass elevator, gliding up 109 metres to the top of the northwest chimney. Here, participants are not only met with sweeping 360-degree views of London’s iconic skyline but also with an opportunity to capture it through art. Under the expert guidance of professional tutors from London Fine Art Studios, visitors will sketch the panoramic vistas dotted with historic and modern landmarks, translating the breathtaking scenery onto paper.

The ‘Skyline Sketching’ experience is designed to inspire and unleash creativity, enhanced further by the inclusion of a glass of champagne for each participant—perfect for toasting to creativity and new perspectives. With all art materials provided, attendees can freely express their artistic vision, creating memories and artworks that resonate with their unique experience high above London.

Tickets for this exclusive event are limited, ensuring a more intimate atmosphere where artists can truly absorb their surroundings and receive personalised tips from the tutors. The serene setting, combined with expert instruction and the beauty of London’s skyline at night, promises an unforgettable artistic and cultural experience.

For those interested in joining this unique sketching session, booking in advance is essential. This event not only adds a creative twist to the typical night out in London but also provides a splendid way to appreciate the city from an entirely new perspective, making it a must for both art enthusiasts and anyone looking for an out-of-the-ordinary evening.

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