2 years ago

Maria G’s coming to the Fulham

As we head into winter get cosy in Fulham with bowls of delicious pasta, cheesy goodness and comforting wine at this new Italian.

Credit: @mariagsrestaurant

Maria G’s is the Kensington based brain child of Robin Gill. Gill has fathered quite the collection of incredible eateries within London; our favourite SW ones being Clapham’s Sorella and Brixton’s Bottle and Rye. If you’ve tried out either of those, then you’ll know that Gill clearly knows what he is doing when it comes to producing really, really fantastic food.

Credit: @lxahospitality

Which is why, when we heard the news that Maria G’s is expanding to a SW location, we got incredibly excited. We will never get bored of eating Italian food, which is exactly what Maria G’s specialises in. The Kensington site produces a cleverly seasonal menu of small plates, pastas, meat and fish in true Italian style. The second Maria G’s will be opening in Fulham in November, so keep your nose to the breeze in case of wafts of spaghetti…

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