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Mark the 75th anniversary of Windrush in Brixton

June 22nd marks 75 years since Empire Windrush landed in the UK. Celebrate in Brixton with a procession and educational programmes.

The 22nd June will mark 75 years since HMT Empire Windrush landed in Britain, bringing with it 492 Caribbean immigrants who would settle, work and enrich the culture in the UK. The ship was part of an effort to bolster the workforce by the British Government after WWII, and it was hoped that the people on board would replace many of those lost during the fighting.

But the immigrants bought more with them than just a work ethic. They came with culture, food, stories… and many made Brixton their home; a place that is now celebrated for its cultural diversity. 75 years after the ship landed, Brixton will be hosting the celebrations for the anniversary. On the 22nd June, there will be a procession starting at Brockwell Park and finishing in Windrush Square in central Brixton. The procession will show 5 themes; Ancestry, Island Life, Building Britain, Carnival and Future. This creative, colourful march will be as impressive as it is informative and has been put together using the input of many different voices from local community groups. But the learning doesn’t stop there- as well as the procession, there is a programme of classes to educate local children too. The programme highlights the people who have faced and overcome prejudices and racism within their move to the UK, and will focus on stories from the past as well as what we can all do in the future for a more equal society.

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