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Mriya; the new Ukrainian ‘dream’ restaurant

Restaurants pop up all over, all of the time. But few have such poignant meaning behind them as Mriya does.

Credit: @mriya_neo_bistro

On the 2nd August, Ukrainian chef Yurii Kovryzhenko is opening his dream restaurant on the Brompton Road. The venture, which has been set up with his cofounder Olga Tsybytovska, will be a celebration of the Ukrainian cuisine.

Mriya can be translated to ‘dream’, and Kovryzhenko says that this is ethos at the heart of the business. He says that everyone is Ukraine is living for a dream and he wants to show this in the food and hospitality that Mriya will encompass when it open its doors. They are hoping to staff the restaurant with refugees who have had to flee their home country due to the ongoing war with Russia, and give a sense of community to those currently displaced. As well as this, at least 5% of all profits will be sent to a rotating selection of Ukrainian charities.

The menu will be designed by Yurii too, and as a well recognised Ukrainian food ambassador within the UK, you can expect some impressive dishes. Chicken Kyiv, borsch and courgette pancakes are all set to feature, as well as in-house traditionally made pickles too.

Credit: @yurii_kovryzhenko

Kovryzhenko hopes to curate a space that “…will tell the story of modern and incredible Ukraine in the language of taste and cosiness”. An impressive venture in a time of such turmoil for those with roots and connections to the war, we wish Mriya and its team the best success on its opening. Give them the support they deserve by eating with them in August!

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