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Need some pregnancy-friendly Pilates? SW4 Pilates has a lot to offer…

Pre-natal classes or post-natal recovery- wherever you are in your pregnancy, SW4 Pilates has something to keep you feeling fit & healthy.

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Owner Chiara is passionate about the importance of keeping as active as possible during pregnancy and post giving birth. She told us: “I want my client to feel strong and mobile through this time, just like I did during my two pregnancies!“. To get there you’ll really be in the best hands. We tried out SW4 Pilates and the expertise of Chiara was immediately apparent. She was calm, professional and got us sweating in all the best ways and there is no doubt that this will translate to her pregnancy offerings too. She’s done courses on Diastasis Recti recovery so knows how to get you moving comfortably again after pregnancy. Or if you are already pregnant then the studio is kitted with equipment that can be modified around your current ability (and bump!) if needed.

SW4 Pilates have also teamed up with Clapham Osteopathic Practice to create their Post-Natal pack. The experts at both sites will communicate between each other to give you the most cohesive plan possible, meaning you’ll recover safely and quickly after giving birth. Here’s what they’ve said about the pack: “We firmly believe that recovery and overall well-being encompass various facets, all intricately connected. That’s why we’re committed to standing by you, offering steadfast support throughout your post-natal journey.As mothers ourselves, we intimately understand the challenges of feeling fatigued, fragile, and at times, even a bit fractured. We want you to know that while these feelings are far from pleasant, they are incredibly common, and more importantly, they can be overcome. With your dedication and hard work, coupled with our expert guidance and support, we’ll work together to help you rediscover your vibrant self. Remember, your little one deserves a happy and healthy mum.

Credit: @sw4pilates

You’ll start with the ‘Mummy MOT’ which is a comprehensive physical assessment conducted by one of the skilled women’s health professionals at the Osteopathic Practice. After that, the osteopath will talk to SW4 Pilates where the movement experts will tailor a bespoke exercise plan that aligns with your recovery goals. You’ll have a lot of input- anything that you particularly want to work on can be factored into the schedule. Depending on how your initial assessment goes, you’ll be recommended follow-up appointments, 1-2-1 classes or group classes; but rest assured that it’s all about you and how your body will benefit best.

This really is the place to go if you are after some expert, high quality care at any point during your pregnancy journey. You’re going to be properly looked after; it’s all about safely getting your body to a place where you feel strong, comfortable and confident… Especially important if you’ve got a little one to worry about too.

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