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No. 32 Old Town are redefining January

Dry January? Veganuary? January Blues? No. 32 have a new name for the first month of the year, and we like it. Generous January.

We are, of course, constantly looking for ways to make January just that little bit nicer. No. 32 have come up with one such way because they are redefining the month and launching ‘Generous January’… And it’s something we can really get involved with. The deal is running, as the name suggests, throughout the month where every weekday lunchtime between noon and 3pm, you can really cheer up your day with a plate of delicious food for cheaps. We are already big fans of this Old Town pub. The ambience, service and food are always fantastic so when we got word of the deal, we whipped down to see what it was all about.

Every week throughout January there’s a rotating dish which you nab for just £12. Round that up to £15 and you can get a pint, glass of wine or soft drink too (yes, you read that right: £3 for a glass of wine!). They were kind enough to sort us out with one of each so we could try them out and let you know before hand which ones you should get excited about. Here’s what they’ve got on the menu:

  • Week 1: Bavette steak, fries and peppercorn sauce. This was properly succulent meat that was cooked medium rare- just as we like it and beautifully presented. We are still recovering from the shock of getting a very, very good steak for just over a tenner.
  • Week 2: Fish and chips.The batter coating the fish was so delightfully light and the delicate flavours of the find went perfectly with the punchy tartare sauce and the – essential- mushy peas were creamy and delicious.
  • Week 3: Sausage and mash. Because who doesn’t love sausage and mash? The caramelised onion gravy that came with it was irresistible, and it was near enough impossible to stop ourselves from licking the plate clean.
  • Week 4: Ox cheek and Guinness pie. They might have save the best for last with this one. Buttery mash and a warm, rich pie has got to be one of the most comforting plates of food. Eating it at lunchtime feels like exactly the kind of decadence that January deserves.
  • All January: Roasted butternut squash salad. You might have spotted that the above offering isn’t exactly ‘friendly’ to the vegetarians or those doing veganuary… But don’t fret! No. 32 have got you fixed with their roasted butternut squash salad which you can get in the same deal all month long.

The food, unsurprisingly, was fantastic. But we also think we’ve got to shout out their drink menu too. Their selection of soft drinks is actually quite inspiring and very dry-January friendly with pressed juices, LemonAid, CBD-based drinks, as well as all of the classics. It’s perfect if you’re laying off the booze or just, you know, want to skip out on a larger at 1pm on a Tuesday afternoon. Of course, if you’ve caved into wet-january then a glass of wine or a pint for £3 is never not tempting.

We love how No.32 are redefining January this year. Generous January is our new favourite month and you should absolutely visit (at least) once a week to try out all of those bargain meals. In a month that is notoriously a little dull it’ll put a spring in your step.

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