11 months ago

Northcote Records opens their summer beer garden

If you’re looking for a spot with the perfect summer ambiance, then here’s your answer. Northcote Records have opened their beer garden!

Northcote St Promo photography, Old St Records

Just off Battersea’s bustling Northcote Road is Northcote Records. You’ve probably been there. And you’ve probably had one of their killer espresso martinis whilst listening to one of their impressive nightly live music acts. Well now there’s even more of an excuse to go back, because they have just opened their summer beer garden for 2023.

They say that their “… summer beer garden ensures an escape from the concrete of South West London, offering patrons the perfect spot to soak up the sun and indulge in delicious cocktails, draught beer and bangin’ sourdough pizzas this summer“. Sounds pretty ideal if you ask us. There will be loads of space too, so it’s unlikely you’ll be fighting for a spot and, even better, the majority of the tables will be reserved for walk-ins (though some are bookable if you’re thinking ahead!) so if you’ve forgotten to get that booking for a Saturday night get together with your mates, then Northcote Records has you covered.

As ever, there’s a full music line up to keep you entertained and they’ll be slinging their delicious pizzas and shaking their iconic cocktails all summer long.

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