2 years ago

Oowee Vegan adds even more vegan options to its menu

Whether you’re always plant-based, taking part in veganuary or are just craving some delicious food- you’re going to want to check this out.

Credit: Oowee Vegan

As veganuary kicks off, you might be in the market for some interesting plant based alternatives. Brixton Village’s Oowee Vegan already had a plethora of options. They are specialists in vegan friendly fast food and are especially known for their burgers, popcorn chicken and waffle fries. Their Marmite butter waffle fries are an absolute must-order.

They are starting the year with a real treat. They’ve created a vegan alternative to shrimp and have put it in range of their dishes; in the surf and turf burger, on top of some dirty or waffle fries, in a bowl as a salad and even recreated it in some moreish popcorn shrimp. It’s a fantastic solution if you’re craving some fish but have pledged to plants, but act fast if you want a nibble… these are limited addition extras to the menu that won’t be hanging around forever.

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