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Pizza Express are giving away free pizzas this Friday

If you’ve not heard yet, Friday 9th is National Pizza Day. Kinda a big deal if you’re Pizza Express. Here’s how they’re celebrating.

Credit: @pizzaexpress

Right people, listen up, because this is a major PSA. Everyone’s favourite, nostalgic pizza joint, Pizza Express, are giving away a load of free pies this Friday to celebrate National Pizza Day. Here’s how, and where, you can get your hands on some free grub.

The chain are giving away 14,000 pizzas across all of their stores. That’s divided up to equal about 40 pizzas per restaurant and there are just a few Ts & Cs to get familiar with before you run down to your nearest pizzeria. First: it’s first come first served- so if you’re number 41 in line then sorry pal, no freebees for you. Second: you’ve got until 4pm on the 9th to claim a free pizza, after that magic hour pizzas will be costing you again. Third: It’s only margaritas that are free. It’s the classic based, no frills (delicious) pizza- but if you’re vegan or gluten free then you can get those amendments. Forth: The final- and our favourite- rule. You’ve got to be wearing a black and white striped top. Get digging through the wardrobe.

Credit: @pizzaexpress

So now the details are out of the way, you’re probably going to want to know where you can find a Pizza Express in SW London. Here’s a list of all the local restaurants for you (and, be honest, who’s doing a ‘pizza crawl’?):

  • Haymarket, SW1Y 4EN
  • Victoria Street, SW1H 0HW
  • Millbank, SW1P 4QP
  • Pimlico, SW1V 2PB
  • King’s Road, SW3 4UT
  • Gloucester Road, SW7 4EN
  • Fulham Road, SW10 9TN
  • Fulham Road, SW6 5HU
  • Lavender Hill, SW11 1LE
  • Abbeville Road, SW4 9JX
  • Bedford Hill, SW12 9EY
  • Trinity Road, SW17 7HR
  • Upper Richmond Road, SW15 2SW
  • Barnes High Street, SW13 9LW
  • East Sheen, SW14 8QS
  • The Broadway, SW19 1RH
  • Wimbledon Village, SW19 5EG

That’s 17 locations with an SW postcode which likely means there’s one near you… No excuse to not be ‘a pizza’ the action.

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