4 months ago

Planning permission granted for an exhibition hall and racquet court at Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station is entering its next phase of development. Education and sports are on the cards…

Credit: Battersea Power Station Development Company

Battersea Power Station doesn’t stand still for very long, does it? The initial phases of the regeneration has been completed and now the plans for the next phase have been granted. There are two main components to the developments happening on Cringle Street.

The 1st is a new exhibition hall, which host 2 exhibitions per year over a planned 5 year lifespan. You can expect all kinds of historical, interactive shows as well as a cafe to refuel after. The 2nd is the racquet court (run by Rocket Padel) which is tapping into the new padel tennis trend. It will be made up of 4 courts and as well as being able to rent out a court for your own games, they will host taster sessions and lessons for those looking to hone their skills. Open 7 days a week, it will also be fully decked out with arm up areas, showers, changing rooms and a cafe.

Credit: Battersea Power Station Development Company

Both venues are pledging to be good to their neighbours too, with the exhibition hall offering 6,000 complimentary tickets for local residents and free taster sessions at the courts.

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