2 months ago

Pokémon GO Festival Brings Unique Thrills to Battersea Power Station

Attention all Pokémon enthusiasts! Get ready to capture your favourite Pokémon at the iconic Battersea Power Station.

This beloved London landmark is hosting an exclusive Pokémon GO event, celebrating the London Games Festival with style. From now until Monday, 15 April, Pokémon trainers can enjoy a game experience like no other.

Battersea Power Station is the only place where you can catch the special Red Party Hat Pikachu during this limited-time event. Alongside this rare find, trainers can engage in specially designed Timed Research and Field Research tasks, each offering unique rewards and challenges tailored for the Pokémon community.

Adding to the excitement, special bundles and loads of other bonuses are up for grabs, ensuring that every visitor has a chance to enhance their gameplay. Moreover, the lure modules may attract the elusive Unown L, making this a truly special occasion for London’s Pokémon GO players.

So, whether you’re a seasoned trainer or new to the Pokémon GO world, head over to Battersea Power Station for a chance to partake in this unique gaming experience. Keep your eyes peeled, have fun, and let the Pokémon adventures continue at one of London’s most iconic settings!

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