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Restaurant Review: Trinity Clapham – A Hidden Gem with Michelin-Starred Brilliance

It’s remarkable to think that Trinity Clapham, a Michelin-starred restaurant, has graced our neighbourhood for nearly two decades.

Yet, astonishingly, it remains something of an undiscovered gem for many. To dine at Trinity is to understand just how fortunate we are to have such an establishment in Clapham.

The mastermind behind Trinity’s sustained success is Adam Byatt—part chef, part local celebrity. Conversations with Adam always carry a hint of speaking with someone famous, yet it’s his humility and passion for food that truly resonate. It’s Adam and his exceptional team who have kept Trinity at the highest level of London’s competitive culinary scene.

The process of earning and maintaining a Michelin star is hard, a challenge met with grace by head chef Harry Kirkpatrick and his team. Harry’s background includes prestigious kitchens like Eleven Madison Park and Claridge’s, and his expertise is palpable in every dish served at Trinity.

What sets Trinity apart isn’t just the food—it’s the entire dining experience. From the moment you step through the doors, the service is impeccable. It’s easy to forget you’re in Clapham and not some lavish corner of Mayfair or Belgravia, given the royal treatment afforded to every guest.

On my recent visit, I sampled the four-course April lunch menu, an experience that showcases Trinity’s commitment to seasonal and sustainable fare. The menu beautifully incorporates seasonal ingredients like asparagus, local honey, and especially the 180-day aged English pasture chicken—a stark contrast to the industry standard—the respect for ingredients is clear.

The journey began with the signature Trinity beef tartare. It’s a dish that elevates the familiar, incorporating finely diced Lake District beef with mushrooms, all enhanced by a bone marrow reduction that lends a deep umami flavour. This is not just food; it’s culinary art.

Skipping the second course in favour of savouring what was to come, I was delighted by a wild garlic velouté that set a high bar. The main course of Scottish cod, served with brandade and warm caviar tartar, was incredible —the fish, flaky and light, was prepared with a finesse that justified the theatre of its table-side finishing.

For dessert, I ventured away from the well-acclaimed Clapham honey soufflé and opted for the Yorkshire Rhubarb Savarin. Topped with a delicate vanilla chantilly, right before my eyes, it reminded me of Babà Napoletano—deeply soaked and utterly delightful.

Trinity doesn’t just serve meals; it curates experiences. The descriptions on the menu are clear yet enticing, painting a vivid picture of what to expect while always leaving room for a touch of surprise. Trinity is not a place for a quick bite but a destination where each visit is a memorable event.

To dine at Trinity is to celebrate the art of food. It’s a Clapham institution that dazzles, delights, and, most importantly, delivers a Michelin-starred experience that’s both accessible and exceptional. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, Trinity is a culinary journey worth taking.

4 The Polygon, London SW4 0JG. 4 courses lunch menu for one £70. Open Monday to Sunday from 12pm-8:30pm (closed between 3pm-6pm)

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