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No. 32 Old Town is a trendy little spot. Because of it having a Pavement-fronting location, being open all hours and it’s fantastic menu (both drinks and food) it’s always buzzy.

It’s part of The Address group which have a few sites all over London, but they do really well to make each of their pub/restaurant/bars feel as unique as the neighbourhood they’re in, and No. 32 is no exception.


Ok so there are tables outside and if you’re feeling brave then the leafy terrace is a prime people-watching spot to hunker down on. But it is winter and we wouldn’t blame you if you leave the people-watching for summer. In which case head inside. On the ground floor you’ll be greeted with a large open kitchen where you can see the chefs work their magic. There are trendy lights dangling from the ceiling which sets the ambiance for the diverse crowd; families, groups of friends, couples… A well rounded gaggle of people which we take as a sign of a good spot.

The Food 

We were luckily enough to get a sneak preview at their new winter menu (which launches on the 28th November, meaning that the new roasts are available from the 3rd December) and we promise you that this one is worth the wait. All the roasts here come with seasonal vegetables (heritage carrots and parsnips), roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese and a Yorkshire pudding, so there’s a lot going on to your plate before you even pick your protein. We got the beef which was melt-on-your-mouth good. Our knife sliced right through, and absolutely no elbow grease needed. There was a healthy dollop of horseradish cream on the side too which was just the right hit of heat to cut through the rich flavours of the rest of the meal. Vegetarians, fear not. You will be well looked after here. We’ve tried many a roast in Clapham and found that the quantity of the plant-based offering here is substantially bigger than anywhere else. We had 3 rounds of a very flavourful mushroom, spinach and chickpea roast and it was properly good.

All of this as well as a pitch perfect Bloody Mary and glass of easy drinking house white really gave us all the cosy, wintery feels.


There were a couple of things that stood out for us with our meal here. First, the sheer quantity. There’s a lot on the plate but they manage to execute it all seriously well and without compromising on quality. Secondly we really loved the thick and lumpy (but in-a-good-way-kind-of-lumpy) gravy. Some seriously good stuff in a nice big pot to accompany the roast. And finally: the potatoes. Drum roll please, because we think these might be the best we’ve had in Clapham. They came dressed with the perfect amount of salt and a dusting with of herbs and the textures were spot on. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and really hot. Pure artistry.

  • The Roast potatoes – the perfect amount of salt, dusted with herby goodness, golden, cripsy, fluffy and hot on the inside. We know it’s a big claim, but we’re saying they’re the best in Clapham 
  • Just how much comes on the plate (roasties, yorkshire, cabbage, multicoloured carrots, parnships)
  • Gravy – thick and lumpy (just how we like it) This is some seriously good stuff. Comes in a nice big pot as well – we’re not on rations here. 


Beef: £24.95, Vegetarian: £19.50, Cauliflower cheese: £6.50.

We know this on is on the pricier end, but we’re willing to forgive it. It’s the most we’ve seen on a plate and worth every penny. Plus, there’s no need for sides here unless you’re feeling extra indulgent.

The roast at No.32 really pleasantly surprised us. This one is up there for us as one of the best in Clapham and we’d highly recommend trying out their new roasts when they launch in December. No. 32, we take our hats off to you. And your potatoes.

THE ROAST SERIES: We are on a journey to discover some of the very best Sunday roasts in Clapham. Each will have remarks 4 categories: Ambience, The Food, Price and Standouts to make it clear what it is we loved about each one. We will aim to order similarly in every place we try to give you the clearest indication of how it compares to the rest of the neighbourhood.  Stay tuned to find your favourite.

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