4 weeks ago

Santa Nata Opens at Battersea Power Station’s Turbine Hall A

Attention, Battersea! The delicious Pastel de Nata has arrived at the Turbine Hall A in Battersea Power Station.

Santa Nata, famous for its authentic Portuguese custard tarts, brings a taste of Lisbon to London. Run by a family of second-generation bakers, Santa Nata showcases the theatre of traditional baking. Watch as skilled pastry chefs create these flaky, creamy delights fresh throughout the day. Perfectly paired with a coffee, port, or Ginjinha, these tarts are a must-try for any sweet tooth. Stop by and indulge in a little piece of Portugal!

Founded to bring the authentic taste of Lisbon’s famous Pastel de Nata to the world, Santa Nata is steeped in tradition. Named after the parish of Santa Maria de Belém where the original recipe was born, the brand is dedicated to preserving the heritage and craft of these beloved pastries. Every tart is handmade using the finest ingredients, staying true to the time-honored methods that have delighted taste buds for generations.

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