2 years ago

Settlers; An evening with author Jimi Famurewa

If you’ve not got plans for Thursday, we beg you to go to Brixton library and hear Jimi Famurewa speak about his book ‘Settlers’.

Credit: lambeth.gov.uk

This Thursday (20th October) Brixton Library is hosting Jimi Famurewa, a British-Nigerian journalist, to speak about his book Settlers. Kicking off at 7pm, this will be an evening of hearing a talented author talk about the stories that have shaped the world as we know it today. Famurewa will especially look through the lease of food, faith and culture and the roles each of these elements have played, and continue to play, in all of our lives; from Lagos to Lambeth.

Everywhere you look, across the fields of sport, business, fashion, the arts and beyond, there are the descendants of Black African families that were governed by many of the same immutable, shared traditions.

The event will last approximately one hour and and is completely free.

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